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Personal Devotion is simply the daily practice of making room in your life to seek God through prayer and reading the Scripture. Although participating faithfully in weekend services plays a vital role in feeding and sustaining our spiritual life, personal devotion takes our growth experience beyond the weekend and into our everyday lives.



As a church, we believe that establishing a consistent, daily time for this will be a component of God's power and provision in your life. And it doesn't have to take a long time. For most people it's only ten to twenty minutes. Explore whatever works for you; and know that it looks different for everyone. The important thing is setting aside this time for you to grow in your walk with God. 




The Soap Method of personal bible study



Carve out the time each day to go through the bible reading.


Scripture: Take your time reading and allowing God to speak to you. Highlight, underline or bookmark the scriptures that stand out. Write in your journal that one scripture that meant the most.

Observation: What do you think God is saying through this scripture? Pray and ask God to teach you and reveal truth to you. In your journal, write the scripture in your own words.

Application: Personalize what you've read. Maybe it's instruction, encouragement, a promise or even correction. How does it apply to your life right now?

Prayer: Ask God to help you understand and use the scripture. What is He revealing to you? Remember, prayer is a two-way conversation, so be sure to listen for God's answer in your heart.

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